Triangle C Beef

We strive to make the healthiest, nutrient-dense beef possible.

Indoor location starting November 1st

We are so lucky as vendors to be allowed to set up in the Old Idaho Linen Supply building at 8th and Fulton. I know many of you enjoyed coming inside with us last year. We hope to see and speak to each and every one of you again this late fall.

Back indoors for November and December

Great News! We get to rent the old Idaho Linen Supply building on 8th and Fulton again this winter. We start at that location on November first. Someone at the New Boise Farmers Market has been faithfully saying their prayers.    

“An Organic apple a day keeps the doctor away”

Most people think apple seeds have arsenic in them (along with Boron-our natural fighter against the effects of Fukashima). In actuality, it is cyanide. A reading and viewing of this article might interest you…   And an excerpt… What Is Laetrile? Laetrile is the patented drug made from the natural compound amygdalin, found in the […]

I am thankful for all of my happy customers

I received this email the other day. “Hi Steve! I don’t typically write Costco a letter to tell them how great their meat is, but thanking you for another good beef is appropriate. We enjoyed a roast for dinner and my husband and I were talking about the flavor. It’s just good! Thanks for raising good […]

“The Oiling of America”

I 2001 I read this article on the Weston A Price Foundation website. Made me think of Harrison Ford in the Fugitive. In the movie, the villans switched the livers to show that “Provasic” (RDU-490) worked. In real life, “they” switched and skewed and cherry picked the data from the Framingham Mass. study. 45 years […]

Grass, Soil, Hope A Journey Through Carbon Country

I read a blog the other day by Courtney Cox and now I want to by the book. 1) If your focus is putting the carbon back in the soil…this book is for you. 2) If your focus is healing the land…this book is for you. 3) If your focus is healing people…see #2

How happy are your farmer’s cows?

In late March, I was at a farm in New York. They still had snow on the ground and feeding hay. On prior visits I had talked about the importance of feeding the Redmond conditioner to their cows for detoxification purposes and how much they should be getting per cow per day. In this unnaturally dirty […]

Is your Grass-Fed Beef finished on grain?

In the last couple of years, the labeling regulations have changed quite a bit in the beef industry. But of course, very few customers know that. Industry is trying to capitalize on the “healthy” attraction by using the words grass-fed. All beef cattle start out on mom’s milk and grass, so they can truthfully say […]