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Last call for September Harvest.

I have 1/4 beef still available for the late September Harvest (Meat ready for pick-up mid-October).   The next harvest after that will be early November (meat ready for pick-up just before Thanksgiving).   Email trianglec3@gmail for a current order form. Shannon Hayes has been writing about Grass Finishing (and other topics) for quite a […]

How happy are your farmer’s cows?

In late March, I was at a farm in Richfield Springs New York.¬†They still had snow on the ground and feeding hay. On prior visits I had talked about the importance of feeding the Redmond conditioner to their cows for detoxification purposes and how much they should be getting per cow per day. In this […]

Is your Grass-Fed Beef finished on grain?

In the last couple of years, the labeling regulations have changed quite a bit in the beef industry. But of course, very few customers know that. Industry is trying to capitalize on the “healthy” attraction by using the words grass-fed. All beef cattle start out on mom’s milk and grass, so they can truthfully say […]

Fun Farm Facts … Why are barns red?

“Farmlands across North America are dotted with red barns. For many years red has been the clich√© color for a barn. But why? What created this tradition of the red barn? Red has been adopted as the color of choice for barns for centuries not due to its aesthetic appeal but, rather, due to its […]

“Wholly” Cow I should have eaten the whole thing!

Every once in a while I read an article that really hits home with me. As a number of you who stop by my booth already know, I have a great deal of respect for Frances Pottenger and Weston A. Price. New this morning on the Price Pottenger Foundation website is an article that made […]

“Cereal Killers”

I just saw a link fr this documentary this morning. A bit of the "hype" is as follows… In the featured documentary, Cereal Killers, 41-year-old Donal O'Neill turns the American food pyramid upside-down—eliminating sugars and grains, and dramatically boosting his fat intake. In so doing, he improves his health to the point of reducing his hereditary risk factors […]

Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox

"Vitamin K2 is the single most important mechanism by which the body can prevent and yes reverse existing heart disease." A coronary artery calcification test can be done via CT scan and is the gold standard to determine if you are ripe for a heart attack, NOT Cholesterol numbers. A short quiz From Dr Kate […]